Happy Horizons Childcare is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide high-quality, accessible childcare in a safe and nurturing environment, enabling families to continue or obtain employment or to further their education in order to improve the economic stability of their family and the community in which they live.


We provide age-appropriate curriculum for each class . Our schedules ensure that our daily plans cover activities that allow children to use varying skills. For example, dramatic play versus fingerpainting strengthen different developmental skills and give the day some variety for your preschoolers! We strive to provide and meet the needs of the whole child.


We provide musical experiences, warm interaction with others, exploring through directed playtime (indoors and out), learning new skills, sensory activities, and creative arts and crafts.


We are licensed and inspected annually by the City of Moscow as well as the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare and we comply with all requirements.  We are also now participating in the Steps to Quality program through Idaho STARS.




Our teachers are qualified by education and/or experience to work with young children.  All staff are required to have background checks and child-abuse record clearances.  They are also certified in First Aid and CPR and are licensed Daycare Providers.  Each staff member is also required to complete training with Idaho Stars and are licensed as a childcare provider through the City of Moscow.




To comply with the City of Moscow, each of our staff is allotted 10 points.  Infants through age two (infants and walkers) are three points, two to three-year-olds (toddlers) are two points, and four to five-year-olds are one point.  

Drawing Together
We are now participating in the Idaho STARS Steps to Quality Program.

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We just received a grant for our childcare from the METER Foundation!  Thank you!

May,  2021


We just received a COVID-19 Response and Recovery grant through the Innovia Foundation.  Thank you!

April,  2021

New Wellness Protocols required in the childcare.  Please click here to read more.

Real Life requires those who enter the building to wear a mask.  Please do so when entering the building.